Support the Trail

We strive to sustain the natural charm of Kanarra Creek and its surrounding area.

Conserve the Creek

Kanarra Creek flows through a watershed which provides drinking water to hundreds of local residents, as well as irrigation water for crops in the valley.

Protect the Canyon

We are dedicated to preserving the pristine beauty of the magnificent slot canyons  around the falls.

Preserve the Falls

Help us to protect this magnificent natural wonder for our fellow citizens and future generations to come.

Kanarra Creek Coalition

The Kanarra Creek Coalition is a group of volunteers from the local community and surrounding area who have fallen in love with this spectacular natural wonder located right in our own backyard.  The slot canyons along with beautiful year-round upper and lower waterfalls are a microcosm of Southern Utah’s magnificent world-class geography and attract tens of thousands of visitors per year.

The creek flows through a watershed area which provides drinking water for hundreds of people living in the valley, as well as irrigation water for local farmers.  The canyon is also home to a wide assortment of wildlife, native plants, and trees.

Our group works closely with the Town of Kanarraville and is dedicated to your safety and protecting and preserving this area for our community and our fellow citizens for future generations.

Upper Kanarra Falls with tree trunk ladder

Outreach and Education

Our goal is to build a strong trail community through cooperation with local agencies and citizen groups.
Kanarra Creek Coalition volunteers picking up trash along trail


We strive to protect and preserve this pristine wilderness through our own efforts and by encouraging public involvement.
Kanarra Falls BLM sign at trailhead

Safety and Signage

This is a largely undeveloped wilderness area which can sometimes present hazardous conditions.  We are therefore dedicated to the safety and well-being of our visitors at all times.

Kanarra Creek flowing over rocks and boulders in heavy underbrush

Water Quality Monitoring

We assist the Town of Kanarraville in monitoring, protecting, and preserving the pure water quality for its inhabitants and local farmers.