Who is the Kanarra Creek Coalition?

The Kanarra Creek Coalition (KCC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a strong community of volunteers and supporters who would like to see the Kanarra Creek Canyon and Falls preserved and protected for future generations to explore and enjoy.  We are also committed to lessening the impact on the Town of Kanarraville, the surrounding rural community, and its residents.

Why the KCC was formed:

The small Town of Kanarraville was originally settled in 1862, and later incorporated in 1934.  Back in the day, Kanara Falls and the surrounding slot canyons were known only to local residents and were a favorite hangout spot for the youth while growing up.  The pure mineral water of the Kanarra Spring was tapped for drinking water for the community, and water from the creek was used by the farmers year-round for irrigation for crops in the valley.

Sometime in the early 2000s, an enthusiastic hiker posted pictures of the falls and slot canyons on the internet.  With the rise in popularity of Google Maps and Social Media, it didn’t take long for the beautiful pictures of this spectacular natural attraction to go viral.  The result was a flood of hundreds of visitors a year coming to experience it for themselves.  Today, the falls can attract upwards of a thousand visitors per week during the peak season.

As one can imagine, the sudden influx of thousands of visitors has created many challenges for our small community.  Residents living in the immediate vicinity of the Kanarra Creek Trail have experienced heavy traffic, large numbers of people, blocked driveways, noise, dust, and litter.  While most hikers are very conscientious, the trash problem has unfortunately extended into the pristine wilderness area.  There are also no restroom facilities beyond the trailhead, which can present a challenge on a three to four-hour hike.  Kanarra Creek lies within a watershed area which provides both drinking and irrigation water to the Town of Kanarraville.

The KCC was formed by a group of local concerned citizens to provide volunteer support to the Town of Kanarraville and Kanarra Creek Canyon and Falls.  Some of us have worked tirelessly for years to keep the area pristine, but we can no longer keep up without an organized effort and greater help and support from the community.


Members of the Kanarra Creek Coalition are registered with Iron County’s volunteer organization and must fill out an application and complete a background check.  We proudly represent and support the Iron County Tourism Board and the Town of Kanarraville, and strive to provide a valuable public service to both our local citizens and visitors to the Falls.


Kanarra Creek Canyon is a multi-jurisdictional destination involving several agencies.  The Kanarra Creek Coalition strives to cooperate and coordinate with these agencies to provide support wherever and whenever needed.  We understand the importance of building relationships with the local community based on mutual respect, fairness, and openness.