Water Quality Monitoring


Kanarra Creek Spring with fence and catchment vault against mountain backdrop

Kanarra Creek Spring

Fed by springs and snowmelt, Kanarra Creek runs through a large watershed which provides the drinking water for hundreds of residents living in and around Kanarraville.  Our main source of culinary water is a spring located about a mile up the canyon along the Kanarra Creek trail.  The spring is protected by a fence and a sealed catchment vault to protect it from outside contamination.

Kanarra Creek flowing over rocks and boulders through heavy brush

Kanarra Creek

Kanarra Creek brings surface water into the valley which has been used by local farmers for generations to irrigate their crops.  Unlike the spring, the creek is more susceptible to surface contamination due to the activities of large numbers of people traversing the area.  It is for this reason that pets are not allowed on the hike.  We ask you to be diligent in respecting and protecting this watershed because anything left on the surface will eventually find its way into the creek.

Kanarra Creek Coalition volunteers assist the town by taking periodic water samples at various points along the trail.  These samples are then turned in for analysis and the results are used to monitor the impact on the water quality.  Continued responsible use of the trail and its surroundings will ensure the protection of this pure and pristine water source for many years to come.