Kanarra Creek Coalition Outreach and Education

Kanarra Creek flowing through backlit sandstone slot canyon

Kanarra Creek Slot Canyon

Our outreach efforts include:

  • Informing the general public and local citizens about our purpose and goals
  • Building a strong trail community through cooperation with local agencies and citizen groups
  • Providing available resources and services to users
  • Interfacing with the general recreation and conservation communities
  • Cultivating partnerships with media outlets and other promotional avenues
  • Encouraging local community and volunteer involvement
  • Fostering relationships with local businesses and private organizations

Our educational efforts include:

  • Disseminating accurate and reliable information to the public
  • Supplying helpful information about good stewardship
  • Identifying significant features and points of interest
  • Providing information about local flora and fauna
  • Placing appropriate signage
  • Guiding the proper care and use of the facilities